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  • With a811 you can control and track inventory by touching the screen, real time visibility allows you to produce products or service from raw materials to finished goods.

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  • To track all Critical Asset & Equipment, RFID technology is being used. Users are able to see current location, status, future schedule and history of all assets.

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  • RFID technology is becoming so popular for retail stores. Because they experience reducing online out-of-stocks, inventory visibility for both store and customer and many other benefits.

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  • To shorten the tracking time and increase the accuracy of infection, RFID technologies and mobile devices are used for positioning and identifying persons and objects in hospital.

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  • Complete Inventory which gives the details of missing and mis-located books and search option for a book from its book id in the whole library.

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  • Focusing on safety-relevant maintenance, RFID can be used in a targeted way to increase productivity and accuracy. It helps the company maintain a complete view across the entire operation and locate reoccurring faults more quickly.

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  • To avoid using invalid tickets or no tickets and provide accurate timetable information in complicated train line service RFID technology is being used in many countries.

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  • RFID technology enables you to track and control multiple equipment, creating easier method to identify item, tracking, monitoring and add on security values.

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  • The increased speed, inventory accuracy and visibility that RFID brings to the entire distribution and logistics process is proven. a811 provides fast, accurate RFID data from a distance.

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  • RFID in manufacturing identifies component or sub-assemblies, tracks good through manufacturing or maintenance processes and helps to ensure production tools and plant are maintained properly.

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  • Any high value rental items can be controlled and tracked by RFID system. Just one triggering a811 reader and you can see all data of the items, when or where it’s dropped off, all history of it.

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  • A wireless warehouse, that uses RFID Technology, works by linking warehouse workers to the back-end warehouse management application server where warehouse activities are being recorded via wireless handheld devices like a811.

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